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We will look at how we under these headings:

Alongside planting, the other main feature of the New Testament ministry was the ongoing commitment to strengthen churches. For example:

Paul’s dual commitment to planting and strengthening is reflected in his longing to preach Christ where he had not been preached (Rom. 15:20), his longing for Christ to be fully “formed” in believers (Gal. 4:19). Paul implies that local church is a prerequisite for churches to be in regions beyond (2 Cor. 10:15-16). Paul knew that if churches were not they couldn’t easily send the gospel . For example:

The fact that the churches on Crete were weak bothered Paul. This caused him to send Titus, one of his leading men, to strengthen these churches. He could have directed Titus’ energy, and the funds that paid for what must have been a costly trip, into new churches, which would have looked a whole lot better on the website, but he didn’t. Rather, he spent “movement resources” on strengthening these precious churches on Crete.

Aware that they are interdependent, we are as committed to churches as we are to them. This means spending time, money and energy on both and .

Paul seemed to pour most of his local church strengthening energies into three areas:

We will now look at how we try to strengthen partner churches in these areas.

John Stott rightly says, “The main way to regulate and consolidate the life of a church is to secure for it gifted and conscientious pastoral oversight.” The most strategic way to strengthen a church is to strengthen its elders, who are the existing “people foundation” of a local church. We help strengthen elders by:

the church plant, or with a translocal minister who is helping facilitate the church plant. Either way, these parties would work together with the new congregation to identify, develop and appoint the first team of elders.

The content of Paul's epistles affirms how much Paul wanted his churches to believe correct doctrine and be “pillars of truth” (1 Tim. 3:15). He wanted churches to believe the right things about who God is and how he interacts with mankind. He wanted churches to grasp the full benefits of the New Covenant and the primacy of the church in the heart and plan of God. He wanted churches to correctly understand this present age and the hope we have in the future age. He also called for church leaders and believers to hold fast to truth, to defend truth, and to proclaim truth. The doctrinal foundations of a local church should certainly be no less or more than the original and unchanging foundation of Scripture. As such, laying doctrinal foundations in a local church today essentially involves helping the church to know and believe the original, universal foundation of Biblical truth.

We help partner churches become doctrinally strong through:

Closely connected to, and yet distinct from, doctrine are . Look at how Paul’s concern for churches went beyond sound doctrine into this area of values, "That is why I sent you Timothy, my beloved and faithful child in the Lord, to remind you of my , as I teach them everywhere in every church” (1 Cor. 4:17, emphasis mine).

As much as Paul wanted churches to believe sound doctrine, he also wanted them to imitate his . "Ways," refer to the doctrine is worked out in life. For example, it is possible for a church to correctly believe in but for the atmosphere in the church to remain mean, miserable and driven. That church needs no help with the of God’s sovereignty, as much as with correctly God’s sovereignty to life. Similarly, some churches pride themselves on proclaiming the one and only true gospel of yet there are never too many smiles during their times of corporate worship. They don’t need help in the of grace, as much as with the way in which they are grace to life. Proper application should promote praise of God and joy in their lives.

Consider the Paul wasn’t content for a church to have just head knowledge of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, because he wrote multiple chapters about the we should eagerly and intelligently facilitate the work of the Spirit in church life.

Consider To believe that elders should lead the church is one thing. However, creating healthy leadership values where elders are humble, yet confident, and servant-hearted, yet fearless, takes modelling and impartation, not just a one-dimensional instruction in truth.

In summary, Paul felt a fatherly responsibility to help churches with both and , which we call . We feel a similar responsibility to help churches develop a compelling set of New Testament . However, the exact way that those values are expressed will differ from church to church, according to the unique personality and context of a local church, and according to the conscience and convictions of the local eldership team.

We help partner churches develop strong values through:

Yes. New churches, churches without elders, and churches in crisis or transition, need more help than more mature and stable churches. However, even mature churches need the provocation and encouragement of the wider body.

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Church Planters Course

Check out the Advance Church Planters Course.

Clearly, progression under treatment is a sign that the disease is not positively affected by treatment action and states the failure of treatment ( 62 ). If curative treatment is not available the absence of progression may be evaluated as partial success especially in case of mild side effects of the underlying treatment. For the patient itself non-progression may be an important signal that the disease has come to a stop with all psychological positive side effects. PFS is the clinical measure of this process.

PFS as measure of response or shrinkage of the tumor can act as an indicator of overall survival. But interpretation remains difficult for various reasons: Many patients showing no progression and no tumor size reduction to treatment, midterm side effects disturb the enduring effect of response and diminishing a beneficial overall survival, and no adequate further treatment options may be available in case of progression ( 63 - Trina Turk Cedar Shift Dress White Multi N0jq9tf
). Measurement of PFS may be constricted by errors in assessing progression and the fixed time schedule of reassessment of the tumor ( 65 ). In addition, there is no standardization of measurement in the chosen time interval, tumor type, and tumor mass. As a matter of fact, most of the progressions will happen between the therapy assessments or follow up intervals ( 66 ).

PFS as an endpoint is a choice worth considering if multiple therapy options exist. Then it can be compared if only the response of the study drug is measured ( Lisa Marie Fernandez Tiered Linen Dress Black Linen Tei9Bsy6l
). But PFS is not statistically validated as a surrogate for survival in all settings ( Whos Who Short Dresses Black s2Aommd
). It can happen, that the results of PFS on the one side and OS on the other side are contradicting. The measurement of progression is not as precise as statement of death in OS and may be subject of assessment bias particularly in open-label studies. Additionally, the definitions in various studies may vary and so it will be complicated to compare trials with different PFS definitions. The diagnostic complexity and costs are high, frequent radiological or other assessments are necessary. Important is the balanced timing of assessment within the study and especially between treatment arms. Sample size is often smaller in PFS in comparison with OS. This fact together with earlier results is an advantage for PFS. But the time interval between progression and death might be large and influence the ability of translating PFS into OS.

As in any other cancers, lung cancer trials must determine the clinical benefit of a specific new treatment. The concept of survival time - not necessarily OS - can be used for hypothesis driven statistics as a primary study endpoint and for the sample size calculation. The main thought of these advisements is that all positive actions taken, will translate into a longer overall survival. In the case that the study drug was given only for a short time period all other effects will be ruled out by the law of large numbers, in comparison with a similar population without investigational treatment (control arm). These thoughts are independently true whatever survival time concept is used ( 69 , 70 ).

Deslatte, M. (2017). Campus “free speech” bill struck down by Louisiana governor. U.S. News and World Report . Retrieve from Raparo Lace Up Shoes Military Green TacbD3WE

Doe v. University of Michigan, 721 F. Supp. 852 (E.D. Mich 1989).

Eagan, M. K., Stolzenberg, E. B., Zimmerman, H. B., Aragon, M. C., Whang Sayson, H., Rios-Aguilar, C. (2017) The American freshman: National norms fall 2016. Los Angeles: Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA. Retrieve from https://www.heri.ucla.edu/monographs/TheAmericanFreshman2016.pdf

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Attack muscle and joint irritation with Receptra™ Targeted Topical . Physically demanding lifestyles put our bodies through a gauntlet of stress that can limit performance during all stages of exercise. With Receptra Targeted Topical, you can instantly fend off muscle and joint irritation, to keep your body in go mode!

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Receptra Targeted Topical is your #1 natural defense against muscle and joint irritation. Thoughtfully formulated to target irritated areas of your body to speed recovery and keep you engaged with your Active Living Strategy™.

Total Cannabinoids:

1.25 Oz container: 2.50 Oz container:


For those who demand immediate relief from muscle and joint irritation resulting from active lifestyles. Whether your muscle and joint irritation stems from a lifetime of physical exertion or you are currently committed to a physically demanding routine, Receptra Targeted Topical will thrust you toward total comfort.


Receptra Targeted Topical is thoughtfully formulated to laser focus on irritated muscles and joints. This all-natural topical keeps your muscles and joints in top shape to give you the mental and physical confidence you need to maintain your Active Living Strategy™. Soothing Jasmine and Ylang Ylang help to calm your mind to promote efficient recovery for muscles and joints.


For best results massage into clean, dry skin, daily or as needed. Apply to irritated muscle and joint areas for fast results. External use only.

Receptra Targeted Topical 35g
Receptra Targeted Topical 35g
Receptra Targeted Topical 70g
Receptra Targeted Topical 70g

Receptra Targeted Topical Ingredients: Shea Butter, Shorea Butter, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Emulsifying Wax, Jojoba Oil Infused with Hemp Extract, Camphor, Vitamin E Oil, Arnica Oil, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang.

Rated 5 out of 5

Stephen Reynolds (verified owner)

Stephen Reynolds

I have ordered Targeted Topical several times now. I have a severe degradation in my right hip joint along with typical aches and pains of knee joints. I’ve used over the counter and prescription creams with little success. Someone gave me a sample of the Targeted Topical and the results were amazing. The relief was instantaneous. I continue to use it and I highly recommend that you do too.

It is in demand throughout our household and has proven effective to diminish and stop migraine headaches when applied to pressure point areas on the head and feet. Time for me to order some more!

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